Thursday, May 16, 2013

Total Control of the Epidemic

Total Control of the Epidemic Planet Aid The TCE program to cope with HIV/ AIDS was developed in 1999 by Humana People to People and first carried out in Zimbabwe in 2000. Today 13 years later the TCE program has been implemented in 10 countries and has reached out to more than 11 million people at individual level through much more than 5.000 TCE Field Officers and more than 500.000 Passionate are active in section of fighting for avoidance and caution. TCE - Total Control of the Epidemic is known as a community mobilization plan devoted to preventing HIV transmission. The basis of TCE is that only the people can free themselves from the HIV epidemic. This program increases notices about HIV, mobilizes people to change their habits and make use of health serving such like HIV testing, strategy to HIV (anti- retroviral treatment, ART) treatments for stds and opportunistic infections, engagement in maternal and child health projects and TB treatment. The foundation of the TCE program is a conversation on HIV/Aids among a TCE field officer and all individuals in the area of 2000 people. TCE is systematically covering all people in a TCE Area. This is a regional unit of 100.000 people. Fifty TCE field officers work in a TCE Area, with each supporting 2.000 people. Each single person in the area is mobilized to take control of HIV in his / her own life. The field Officer aids persons to set up a private HIV risk drop approach and aids individuals in adjusting sexual behaviors and lifestyle.

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