Thursday, February 27, 2014

Planet Aid is on a Mission to Reduce Poverty

Planet aid is an organization that focuses on reducing poverty worldwide. The clothing donation project achieves success by giving families across the globe the items they need to sustain a living and the dignity to do so. The items collected are sent to the countries that need them the most through donation boxes to collect apparel items and clothing that are then sorted and sent. Planet aid and other groups add a creative way for those to get involved that might not have time or money to help. By simply donating old clothing, this act can make a huge difference for others by recycling clothes no longer in use. A simple drop off can change the lives of others and in a small way, and down the line open the doors to reduce poverty.

Americans can help reduce poverty in other countries by simply donating their old and unwanted clothes and shoes. Collection is based in America, and donations are spread through 14 countries that are in need. Sometimes people aren’t sure how to help. This is a streamlined, simple way everyone can get involved. Aid organizations know you care, and this is a great way for you to give what you can. Planet aid reduces poverty across the world, and also in the United States. Targeted clothing drives at schools for winter coats can teach children how they can help and get involved. By educating children on the benefits of giving at a young age, we as a society can train the next generation to be involved with worldwide campaigns for aid.

Planet aid does more than simply donating clothes. Organizations that are involved in the fight against poverty and can team together. By partnering with the countries they work with, other service groups are able to set up teaching programs and vocational programs to further reduce poverty. The organization works to produce and sustain a caring, hard working group the United States to keep the giving alive. In the countries that are supported, planet aid is able to provide clothing, but also community support and growth. 

Project aid is a win-win. Those who donate are reducing waste and helping the environment, on top of helping those in need. With the donations collected, we are able to turn around and help with community outreach, educational programs and vocational programs. These programs can enable the dreams of in need, and sustain improvements in health, family and income projects. All of these things can reduce poverty and help communities worldwide.

All of these aspects lead to the bottom line of reducing poverty. Planet aid started with the mission of recycling and reusing clothes that others in need can use. While this helps the environment through recycling, it has turned into so much more than that. It is so easy for many in the United States to help. Our dollar and donations can go so much further in other countries. Used clothes and donations that are easy for us to give mean so much more to others and can blossom into far reaching sustainable programs and outreach for the world.

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